Apr 17, 2011


Bag: Zara Blazer: Kasper Heels: Bakers High waisted pants: Nordstrom (Ralph Lauren) Red shirt: F21 Save the World Watch.

Last week they told us we needed to take the high school certificate picture , and we needed to bring a black blazer , I have always wanted one so lucky me I asked my mom if she had one I could borrow and she showed me this Kasper blazer she didn't use , and she gave it to me as a gift :). So after the picture I though .. Hey! I could really use this with some jeans , and so I did.

Its sad to see that some people are really close-minded , and everything they don't see as "normal" they immediately catalog it as "weird" , just imagine my friends faces when I told them I was thinking to wear these this the weekend.

It is just one month until prom and I already have my dress! I have it since December can you believe it ! I'll show it to you later and explain you the whole story of how it was that I got it , want a hint ? YELLOW.

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